Bojack Horseman season 4 Review

With the end of season 3 some speculated Bojack might actually kill himself. But what we got could possibly be the best season yet. Every major character is in crisis. In short Todd is unsure where he fits in to this world. Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane keep themselves so busy it takes to the very last episode before they realize that maybe they don’t love one another. Princess Caroline is on a downward spiral as she struggles to figure out where does she stand in this world. Meanwhile Bojack has a crisis of family, you name it he goes through it. Even discovering of a unknown daughter…maybe but that question isn’t answered until the very last episode of the season.

Throughout this season I wondered where where they going to go, misdirection is the key to this season. Really it takes to the very last episode before things make any sense.

If your a fan or new to the series on Netflix you really need to check it out. It is possibly one of the best series ever.

I Support Peter S. Beagle

The furry world can be a strange one of widely accepted alias’ Which is why when I tried to last post a similair article you should’ve seen the hate I got in return.

Although The Support Peter S. Beagle site hasn’t been updated and more or less 3 years his legal problems are over.

To exactly what happened

To quote the site

Acclaimed fantasy author Peter S. Beagle has filed a lawsuit against his former business manager Connor Cochran and Mr. Cochran’s associated businesses for fraud, defamation, elder abuse, and breach of contract, among other charges. Peter trusted Mr. Cochran – who systematically used that trust to appropriate Peter’s life’s work for himself and destroy Peter’s reputation for his own personal gain.

Interest enough as I was doing research for this post it seems a judgment was made by Innerworldart on Reddit

To directly quote the post

Beagle’s fraud lawsuit against his ex manager Connor Cochran is ongoing, so the big judgement is still coming.
The story up to now: Connor got a lot of attention for scamming everyone he did business with. So Connor spread a bunch of lying excuses to gum up the works.

First Connor lied to the public about Beagle being mentally impaired, as an excuse for taking tons of money for nonexistent goods and failing to deliver to customers. Then Beagle sued Connor for cheating him personally. To stop the lawsuit, Connor lied to Beagle’s kids and got them to try to put their father under conservator care. Their lawyer threw out their case. And Connor lied that Beagle’s lawyer was taking advantage of his mental state, so he could sue her to interfere with her representation of Beagle. He lost and was hit with a $25,000 judgement for lying about her.

Beagle’s lawyer is making Connor’s bank cough up the money. Take a look at the legal papers (you can search this stuff any time at the court website, enter case RG15794528.)

$25,000 being collected from Connor Cochran.

Interesting enough and the guilty party admits this on a reply to a comment on Flayrah stating that one Patch Packrat was Mr. Connor’s assistant. I can’t find any information on anything that happened to him as I could not find a reliable source that mentions his real name. It seems the page they had on him on Wikifur had been taken down. I am just stating the facts, don’t slam the messenger.

Here I am a single lone furry who posts what he likes and he got slammed by both Dogpatch Press and Flayrah. Both sites whose rep, depending on who you are talking too is shaky at best. It seems both sites steal from various writers. I have been told that at least 13 articles were stolen from my site and Patch Packrat posted them claiming they were his. This really should not surprise anyone, and I won’t quote articles as I don’t want to get into a fight with anyone like those 4 videos that slammed me on YouTube by a member of Flayrah’s staff. Not to mention the direct attacks and one WordPress informed me later that where someone tried to get my site taken down. You can see why I no longer quote either site.

Take a more recent matter where Dogpatch reported a furry was accused of being a pedophile. Interesting enough according to Reuters that pedophile was not a furry. Which is why I never posted anything on it, jumping to conclusions is what both sites are famous for.

But I’ll stop it here saying these facts can easily be checked. If you slam me you slam the truth.

Any and all attackers will be outed, this includes posting their email addresses.

You have been warned