The Flintstones (2017) Comic Review

Really when I bought this modern day The Flintstones comic I really didn’t know what to expect. In fact the only thing I did now is these sell out FAST. I can see why, they are very written, the art is great and the storylines actually gives that 50+ year old premise a new life.

Take The Flintstones issue 11, we see Gazoo (The green alien) in the series walking around town and we see typical Bedrock hijinks. Like a guy getting a billiard ball stuck in this mouth. But we quickly find out it’s Fred’s Birthday and Bamm Bamm who is an adult now carves Fred a statue of him and Barney. Soon they have to deal with a neighborhood association who wants the statue taken down.

Meanwhile Gazoo returns to his home planet where he finds out they have their own version. But one who will destroy planets that aren’t up to their standards, and soon they turn their attentions to Earth.

The comparison is great, so is each character dealing with their own version of their group. Really it’s worth the $3.99 they want for it, just to check it out.