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Not Even Dark Shadows Fandom Is Safe by Perri Prinz

Another kind of SJW that has been out there for a number of years is the gay branch of this massive attempt to totally destroy culture and society. I ran into this on Wikipedia a few years ago where they were trying to put forward that Danny Kaye and Hans Christian Anderson were gay and should be made icons of The Gay Community.

According to the SJW’s from The Gay Community, if a controversy exists, dead people who can not defend themselves get to be claimed, even if it was these very same people who started the controversy by presenting and obviously prejudiced interpretation of the evidence, and then bullying anybody who suggests their arguments don’t hold water.

The fact that I got harassed by mods, called homophobic and lots of other unsavory buzzwords, and got threatened with being banned, just for suggesting they needed more evidence to be putting such personal conclusions out as undeniable fact, is one of the reasons I stopped editing Wikipedia.

The other day, Facebook recommended a page to me. This page was called “Jonathan Frid Was Gay And That’s Ok.” So I clicked on it and started looking for what citations they were offering. And again, the evidence was all pretty superficial and proved nothing. It could indicate gayness, or it could indicate asexuality, or it could indicate things totally unrelated to sexuality, just like with the Danny Kaye thing.

So we have this person who is either knowing or has been unwittingly indoctrinated into SJW practices, attending to divide the Dark Shadows fandom by going around the community making a big obnoxious noise about how it’s a stone cold undeniable fact that Jonathan Frid was gay, and anyone who doesn’t agree is not only homophobic, but a cruel-ass nasty person for not caring how even the slightest expression of homophobia “Triggers” him.

And, because much of the fandom seems to see him as a deranged obnoxious fool, he’s been repeatedly told to knock it off, shown evidence that contraries his claims, and probably been the recipient of some genuine hate; not for being gay, but for pushing a lie about the main beloved icon of that fandom. It really wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people wanted to see this guy strangled for what I am going to give the name it deserves, “Gay appropriation.”

Gay appropriation can only be done with people who are dead. People who are alive can kill it just by saying, “Piss off. I’m not gay.” The families of the victims may strongly protest, but in true SJW form, the gay appropriator will then attack the family, the co-stars, the man’s biographer, the staff of the conventions, and of course the fans, with the most hateful accusations.

But this is all beneficial to the gay appropriator/SJW, because you now have a controversy burning hot enough to reach the outside internet. It becomes news that there’s a controversy over Jonathan Frid’s sexuality, everyone’s expected to take up sides on it, and if you don’t support the gay side, you’re going to get some unsavory labels pasted on you. But you can’t paste labels on SJW’s in return, because they have their patented, society approved “Label away.”

“Label away” says “I am right and you are wrong. Therefore, nothing you say will be listened to, because you’re the devil, and nobody should listen to the devil.”

But, anyway, let’s look at the “Undeniable” evidence in this case. The only evidence to suggest that Jonathan Frid might possibly have been gay seems to be that he was once seen at a gay bar and on a gay beach in the company of his openly gay co-star Louis Edmonds. Never mind that Edmonds has been noted for dragging his co-stars to events at his gay hangouts. The fact that Jonathan Frid sometimes accepted such invitations means he must have been gay.

I mean, it’s logical, right? If you’re not gay you’re homophobic. So, if Jonathan Frid was ok around gay people he must have been gay, right? Just like there can’t be any straight furs in Furry Fandom, because they all seem to be ok with hanging out with gay furs. It couldn’t be that some people just don’t give a flip about the sexuality of their friends? No, if you suggest that, you’re homophobic. Such is SJW logic.

By this logic you can technically take any picture that shows Jonathan Frid and Louis Edmonds together and call it proof of being gay.

I’ve never seen Dark Shadows fans or cast members turn on Louis Edmonds for being gay. In fact, cast members seem to have found Louis Edmonds adorable and funny specifically because he was gay. But I imagine this guilt by association crap drives many a Dark Shadows fan buggy. But if pressed for more substantial evidence, you know what the gay appropriator will give you? Gaydar.

That’s right folks, gaydar is an incontrovertible science. And you will then be hit by statements from innumerable gay fans that will insist that Jonathan Frid’s performance on Dark Shadows set off their gaydar. Some will even attest that he awakened them to being gay.

How could that be if he wasn’t gay? Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the sex symbol character he was playing. Or that his character was called upon by the writers to subdue and control characters of both sexes.

It is actually a well documented fact that women objectified this guy as a sex symbol. It should be no surprise at all if gay guys drooled over him and fantasized that he was gay. It might not even be a surprise if, after 40 odd years, the gay guys who watched the original run of the show remember him best as the way they initially fantasized him.

Now, if any guy who could be said to be attractive to gays could be a gay icon, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that. You don’t have to be gay to be on The Gay Community’s top ten list of hot male celebrities. But to be a gay icon, you do. Because a gay icon is a person being used to validate the state of being gay. And you would think it would cheapen gay esteem if it were known that a lot of their icons weren’t actually gay. But, if you are gay, according to SJW theory, you are never to give this a second thought.

As for myself, it doesn’t bug me if certain gay fans want to imagine Frid as gay. Hey, whatever floats your boat. If they saw something in his performance that awakened them as gay, great. By all means do celebrate that. But if you walk around in a Dark Shadows fan group proclaiming that the gayness of the man is a proven and well documented fact, some fans will naturally want to curb stomp you, because you’re not the only one whose imagination was personally touched by this guy.

Other people lay claim to him, just as much as you do. And while they will go along with something there is actual proof for, trying to act like your personal fantasies rule the entire fandom and can not be questioned will get you rudely ejected from just about any subculture.

So, in typical SJW fashion, the SJW activists start vilifying the entire fandom as homophobic, totally ignoring or playing down the fact that nobody is denying or saying anything against the other members of the cast who are known to have been gay. But, because the fandom is not prepared to let a television icon be branded gay on the most subjective of evidence, the entire fandom is being attacked and vilified as “The worst fandom ever.”

Well, I’ll admit. I don’t hang out in Dark Shadows Fandom. I’m obsessed with the show itself. And this was a show that went out over a major network, being viewed by millions of people. Therefore, I don’t have any expectation about what the average Dark Shadows fan might be like. I certainly wouldn’t expect to meet anybody there who would relate to me, because I’m weird, even standing out in a field by myself. So I’ve never really felt the need to get together with fans of a show I liked and seek some kind of validation from them.

Well, I did try it once by joining a Doctor Who fan club, but I really didn’t enjoy it. My major fandom involvements have all been with meta-genres like Anime and Furry. And, even though my series, “Spectral Shadows” takes a lot of inspiration from Dark Shadows, I expect Dark Shadows fans would like it even less than Furries like it. When you’re in a fandom for a specific show, you’re expected to be writing fan fiction of that show. Original fiction inspired by the show does not count.

So, having kept my distance because of those assumptions, I really couldn’t tell you if people in Dark Shadows fandom are particularly nice. I would expect a large percentage of them to be my age, and therefore somewhat irritable. But even if it could be shown that they were in fact the worst fandom in the world, I still would not be able to fault them for treating this guy with the maximum rudeness.

And if this guy is going to be so triggered by the rudeness he brings on himself, I would say, “If you feel that way don’t stay in Dark Shadows Fandom. Don’t join any subculture, because there is nowhere you can go that you will not be disagreed with.”

But that’s not acceptable in SJW theory. As far as the Cultural Marxist pseudo Communists are concerned, the fandom that won’t believe what it’s told to believe must be destroyed. And of course the things they demand to be believed are always so ridiculous no one can cope with them.

Still, just to keep the peace, those in charge of fandom events will try to show some support. Consequently there is now this very odd picture of the colorful gay pride flag flying over the strikingly black and white Collinwood mansion. (As if Johnny Depp didn’t do enough damage)

As you can see by the comments on the image, the fandom seems overly supportive and welcoming of it’s gay demographic. The only negative comment is about the guy trying to brand Jonathan Frid as gay. But to hear this guy talk, these same DS fans are just the nastiest bunch of gay haters you could ever encounter. And true to the Cultural Marxist/SJW theory, he has gone so far as to recommend re-education for them, in a major Sci-Fi magazine that he writes for, no less.

Seriously, I’m sure there’s a huge demographic of gay fans in DS Fandom. But rather than going around trying to force something that is at best a suspicion as fact, why not kick back and fire off some gay DS fan fiction? I know why. Because SJW’s usually don’t have any such talents. You have only to look at SJW Marvel Comics to see how devoid of talent they are.

In all likelihood the complaining SJW is not really a DS fan at all, but was probably assigned to it from a list of fandoms marked for destruction. Sound far fetched? Well, there’s about as much evidence for what I just suggested as there is for Jonathan Frid having been gay. So, if we go by SJW theory, accusations don’t need to be proven. The validity of an argument depends on who it’s coming from. The oppressed get to speak and the oppressors must be silenced.

Well, I get 12 out of 100 privilege points. That makes me pretty GD oppressed. So any accusation I throw out there can’t be argued with, even if I don’t really agree with it, which in this case I don’t. I have no reason to think he’s not a real fan. He’s just one of the numerous cracked-brains you meet these days who was raised on “Das Kapital” instead of “How To Win Friends And Influence People.”

Again, I wouldn’t care if Jonathan Frid was proven to be gay. It would not diminish the man in my eyes in the slightest. But like so many people who are attacked in this way by the gay faction of the SJW agenda, the man is no longer around to confirm or deny these allegations. So he’s seen as an easy target, and fans feel a natural compulsion to defend their lost hero against anything being attached to him that might be false.

Besides, if Frid had wanted his sexuality to be a matter of public discussion, he lived well into the era where “Coming out” wouldn’t have hurt him in the least. But instead he remained a sexually ambiguous actor who was pretty much married to the theater. If that was how he wished to be seen in life, what reason is there to assume he’d want to be seen any other way by history?

The character he played, that’s a different thing. I’m sure Frid thought it was all well and good for people to imagine Barnabas in any way that made them happy, and I’m sure there’s a crap-ton of gay Dark Shadows fan fiction out there for people to enjoy. I don’t see any way DS fandom could be exclusionary towards gays.

And again, if you need a gay hero in the Dark Shadows cast, Louis Edmonds was an undeniably gay man who knew how to enjoy being gay in times when gay was simply not talked about in polite circles. Why not jump all over him as a gay icon? For that matter, there’s also Joel Crothers, who was one of the early victims of AIDS.

In a show with a cast as large as that one had over its 1225 episodes, there’s bound to be a GBLT percentage in the cast, but this is not satisfying to the gay SJW. He must attack the main icon with the flimsiest of evidence, and sit back, calling everyone homophobes for not going along with it. And in the process, creating a rift in the fandom so wide that the whole thing will fall apart.

Anyway, good luck to DS Fandom in putting down this BS and saving their fandom from the fate so many other fandoms have suffered.

Nearly 2,000 Furries Participate In Annual Anthrocon Parade

Fursuit parades are something we both like to see and those who are involved look as a death match. KDKA the CBD station in Pittsburgh did a marvelous piece on this unique bit of furry culture.

Check it out here

The Flintstones (2017) Comic Review

Really when I bought this modern day The Flintstones comic I really didn’t know what to expect. In fact the only thing I did now is these sell out FAST. I can see why, they are very written, the art is great and the storylines actually gives that 50+ year old premise a new life.

Take The Flintstones issue 11, we see Gazoo (The green alien) in the series walking around town and we see typical Bedrock hijinks. Like a guy getting a billiard ball stuck in this mouth. But we quickly find out it’s Fred’s Birthday and Bamm Bamm who is an adult now carves Fred a statue of him and Barney. Soon they have to deal with a neighborhood association who wants the statue taken down.

Meanwhile Gazoo returns to his home planet where he finds out they have their own version. But one who will destroy planets that aren’t up to their standards, and soon they turn their attentions to Earth.

The comparison is great, so is each character dealing with their own version of their group. Really it’s worth the $3.99 they want for it, just to check it out.