Straight Up Talk About Furry Porn by Perri Prinz

Matt on YouTube wrote: ‚Äúthere is a lot wrong with this fandom we shouldn’t glorify it but at the same time we should not ignore it this fandom has so much shit in it that’s screwed up the porn specifically because there’s a lot of weird furry porn out there and a lot of weird people who enjoy that porn.”

When you talk about what’s wrong with Furry Fandom these days, my mind goes to rampant intolerance, exclusionism, forcing politics on people who aren’t here for that, general nastiness, and a sudden rush to basically condemn all the good things the fandom has tried to demonstrate all these years. The fact that we have porn, like every other fandom, doesn’t even raise a blip on my radar.

You know what does set off my radar? People saying the fandom needs fixed because there’s porn in it. That is either somebody who doesn’t comprehend the nature of fandoms, or somebody trying to lay down a foundation for censorship.

This is a fact of life in fandoms and on the internet in general. People are going to draw what they want to draw. Whether they do it to express some aesthetic they find pleasing or because it seems an easy way to make money, you can’t just be coming down on people and saying “You can’t draw what you want to draw because it makes us look bad and we think there’s something wrong with you.”

Though often what it usually boils down to is, “You can’t draw what you want to draw because your fetish is sick and my fetish isn’t.”

I used to be one of those people who said “We need to lock up all this porn for the benefit of those fans who just like cartoons and don’t want any adult stuff.” But after 15 years I’ve realized that such people are not here. They’re at Disneyland. We’re the adult alternative to the kids anthro fandom, which really doesn’t need any help from us. It’s far more successful than we are.

But any time something is specifically for adults, there’s going to be porn in it. And a lot of that porn is going to be weird. That is normal for geeks. Geek communities usually involve a lot of young, sexually obsessed or sexually repressed people. Nature and society create that situation. To fix it you would need to fix society. And society is only getting worse.

So, yeah, we got problems. But people drawing what they want to draw is not a problem. People going on FA without their filters on, seeing something they don’t like, and then making a big noise about how something needs to be done about this . . . That’s a problem, because FA has already put the filters there in acknowledgment of this complaint. They’ve even gone so far as to make sure their porn isn’t accessible through search engines.

So, any problem with the porn has already been dealt with. But you’re still not happy, because you’re still seeing this porn you don’t like, because you don’t use the filters. And there’s only one reason why anybody would not use the filters. Because they are there to look at porn just like everybody else. Maybe they like something else as well, but they don’t want to be excluded from the porn, because they might miss something they’d like.

And if everybody is there to look at porn, then everybody’s taste in Furry porn has to be catered to. And you can’t be saying, “This is some sick stuff here. This has to go.” Because somebody else will be looking at the porn you like and saying the exact same thing. People will say that about anything Furry, even if it isn’t porn. That is why we don’t get to make these choices for other people. Because if everybody could just make everything they don’t like disappear there’d be nothing here for anybody.

Now, I realize there is a new mentality these days. Maybe certain types of Furry porn “Trigger” you, and you think you ought to be able to make anything that “Triggers” you go away. Maybe you think Furry Fandom ought to be your safe space. But you’re a little late for that. All Furries regard Furry Fandom as their safe space. It’s a place they can feel secure about being themselves without being told they’re sick and need to be marginalized even further than society has pushed them out.

That doesn’t work. If you don’t like freedom of expression, tolerance and letting people be themselves so that your right to be yourself can be protected, you’re in the wrong place. You’re violating our safe space. But that’s ok, because we know well that some people are not happy unless they’re making totally unnecessary drama. And their free speech is protected in Furry Fandom as well, even though it makes us look bad, even though most of us think being a drama instigator is pretty sick. We’re like, “If that’s what you need to be happy and express yourself, we’ll put up with it as far as we can.”

Why do we do this? Because that is what we do. That is why The Furry Community is a thing above and beyond a gathering of people who just like to watch talking animal cartoons. Tolerance, it’s what we are, it’s what we do. If you can’t deal with tolerance, this community is going to “Trigger” you every day of your life.

So you can either get used to living in a constant state of being “Triggered.” Or you can realize that allowing other people to like things you don’t like is actually good for you. It promotes diversity. It creates a position for you to defend your own uniqueness. And it doesn’t stretch the patience of the people you want to deprive to such a point that they ride you out of the community on a rail, which is what I expect will happen to all the SJW’s currently trying to vilify Furry tolerance.

Anthrocon by the Numbers

all numbers are based upon Anthrocon’s own Twitter posts

Anthrocon 2017
7544 in total attendance

$31,598 was raised for Hope Haven Farm Santuary
This total does not include the $3,000 Uncle Kage personally donated.
Over $10,000 was raised by the charity raffle.

Compared to last year…

In 2016 total attendance 7310 which means they only had an increase of 234. Which is just over 3%, maybe Anthrocon has already passed it’s peak.

Even the amount donated to charity was not that big of an increase. In 2016 $30,880 which means they only had an increase of $718 or just over 2%. If you don’t count count Uncle Kage’s last minute donation.


MFF really has a good chance of beating Anthrocon this year in total attendance. Last year they saw 7075 which is just off of this years Anthrocon numbers by just…469