Anthrocon by the Numbers

all numbers are based upon Anthrocon’s own Twitter posts

Anthrocon 2017
7544 in total attendance

$31,598 was raised for Hope Haven Farm Santuary
This total does not include the $3,000 Uncle Kage personally donated.
Over $10,000 was raised by the charity raffle.

Compared to last year…

In 2016 total attendance 7310 which means they only had an increase of 234. Which is just over 3%, maybe Anthrocon has already passed it’s peak.

Even the amount donated to charity was not that big of an increase. In 2016 $30,880 which means they only had an increase of $718 or just over 2%. If you don’t count count Uncle Kage’s last minute donation.


MFF really has a good chance of beating Anthrocon this year in total attendance. Last year they saw 7075 which is just off of this years Anthrocon numbers by just…469