What I Took Out of a Panel on Journalism

As I previous mention here I went to this panel on Journalism at MFF 2017 hosted by both Tantroo McNally and NightfOx which I really found informative and you will notice some improvements here. It really straighten me out on a couple of points, of course this doesn’t mean I am going all news site here. That really isn’t me, and trying to put everyone in the same box is crazy to me. Everyone has to be themselves right or wrong. I fully admit I have made tons of mistakes and I still came out a winner. Yesterday I had almost 600 views and I really get thanked by a lot of cons for the stuff I post about them…check out my Twitter feed. Furry Migration actually thinked me for a 360 view video I posted. Crazy for a one man operation but it’s true. You Live and You Learn.

But really even signing in to a news site were at least 90% of the items I see submitted are outright rejected. Really nothing I submitted to Flayrah was even accepted, not even my interviews and despite what was said at the panel I was NEVER told why. I know back when I was on Flayrah I would see post after post in their newsfeed of people wondering why they never heard back of anything submitted, of course they didn’t last long it seems the old editor would delete them. Really doesn’t make sense unless you know someone on that site personally they don’t want you, really my suggestion to any wannabe reporter. YouTube, or at least a podcast there. Believe it for not you will get more views in 1 day than I do. I think if I had to do this all over again Furry Times would be a podcast. But don’t worry I am keeping my blog I just renewed my domain name.

Mascots Behaving Badly

The LA Daily News they have a report saying that Bailey The LA KIng’s Mascoy groped someone’s ass in an elevator back in 2016. What is it these days everyone has lost all judgment, what is open season on everybody.

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