MFF 2017 Thoughts and Impressions Day 3

As I sit here typing this out I feel emotionally drained, I literally have tears of joy running down my face and trying to clear a stuffy nose. Why read on…

Literally the first thing I noticed when I got to the con that the crowd was down by no less than 60%

Next the artist I hired wasn’t there so a friend and I arranged to have our art mailed to us.

But that wasn’t the only surprise that day at MFF it seems Flayrah’s editor Sonious (Tantroo McNally) was hosting this panel on journalism. It seems he took over the job at Flayrah in the last couple of months. After the panel we talked and to my amazement he apologized for the site’s actions against me. He even sad it was wrong not allowing me to get my side across. We actually came to an agreement and now after over a year this matter is finally settled.

The remaining panels I saw were great, the Fursuit games had the largest crowd in like ever. More fursuiters, more audience. But shorter time 90 mins vs the 2 hours it normally runs.

I only found out why when next I went to get in line for the Closing Ceremony, yes a line had already started by then a good half hour before it began. But being a day of surprises, I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t figure out why they were bringing out the signs and panels and laying them on the floor somewhere between us regular folks and the sponsors. They were selling them for charity. make a donation and get one. So I did.

Finally we were let into what would be the best Closing Ceremony in MFF history. Why here are the facts and figures mind you there is nothing official yet but they are estimates.

Total Attendance 8700. That is a full 1200 over what Anthrocon had this year and 1700 over MFF 2016. I have to check my figure but that could be the largest jump in attendance of any fur con ever. Let me tell you everyone cheered, the board even topped it off with a quote from Uncle Kage, who not only said he didn’t care we beat Anthrocon but also congratulated MFF.

I had heard that the Hyatt was going to offer souvenir coffee mugs and glassware it seems the mugs sold out in less than 30 mins and the glassware in 3 hours.

But that wasn’t the best news it seems this year’s charity the Chicagoland Rescue Intervention and Support Program was flat broke when they contacted MFF, their rep said that much. They were only operating on borrowed money for a time to help the best way that they how. I am so damn proud to be a furry right now, Between MFF, The Hyatt and all the donations they had raised $85,000 a record for any con, $12,000 alone was raised during the closing ceremony and they still were taking donations even afterwards. I can’t wait for the official numbers to come in.