The Reason why Robert Sojkowski AKA Magnus Diridan is Screwed

I seen a lot of talk on both Facebook and Twitter about Robert Sojkowski AKA Magnus Diridan wondering if there was other footage of him acting stupid which them lead to his arrest. Some might be surprised to learned there is, and that is from the security cameras. Before any says what cameras think back to MFF the one that had the chlorine attack. The reason why nobody knows who did it because of lack of security cameras in and around the hotel. Well both the Hyatt and the nearby convention center now have more cameras than anyone will admit all installed shortly there after. So many in fact it took almost a full year to install. Many of the outside ones are also able to record sound. Meaning folks everything he said and done is on video and more than likely in the hands of both the State’s Attorney and the Rosemont Police. I advise anyone who knows this idiot, plead guilty. There is no way your getting off from lack of evidence.