There’s A Website Dedicated To Stealing Furry Porn From Patreon Artists

By Cecilia D’Anastasio for

Apparently Yiff.Party has been around since July, 2015, but has picked up speed exponentially in recent weeks. How it works is simple. Users or bots subscribe to Patreon creators’ accounts, allowing them access to content that’s restricted to patrons who pay. After scraping that content, the users or bots upload it onto Yiff.Party’s feed, where it’s accessible to everyone with just a few clicks. In the span of 24 hours yesterday, Yiff.Party’s admin says users uploaded over 3,000 posts.

Patreon users who say they filed DMCA takedown requests against Yiff.Party say they were ignored.

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Commentary: Malignant Narcissism (NPD) vs Anti-Bullshit Personality (ABSP) by Casey Thomas Lehman

So…. You know that “malignant narcissist” I talked about? Turns out we have a lot in common now. Because neither of us are malignant narcissists. We’re just anti-bullshit people. I’ve been called a narcissist multiple times, when in reality I was anti-bullshit. Though, I admit I nearly embraced it at one time.

This will be a short article, but I can say without a doubt that those terms are thrown around far too much nowadays… mostly by the people who have the personality disorders to begin with, such as the Alt-Right, Alt-Left, and many of the CEOs and big celebrities. I’m not saying they all have them, but the ones with codependency because of the treatment they have been given are the only people I feel sorry for.

…Welp, hope you enjoyed this little article – And remember – Before you label someone, please make sure you aren’t projecting.