Getting to Know My Brother’s Fursona at Texas Furry Fiesta

D Magazine did this fantastic article on how when a man found out that his brother was a furry, looked in to the fandom.

To Quote the article

My brother came out to me as a furry about a year ago. Actually, he came out to my sister. He was talking to her on the phone and telling her about a big summer picnic he was going to with friends in Kentucky. “We’ve got all kinds of fun activities planned,” he said. “But it is going to be so dang hot in my fur…” He let the word trail off into a long pause. “In your what?” my sister prompted, knowing that he sometimes stumbles for words. “In my fursuit,” my brother said with an apprehensive sigh. The jig was up.

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A Special Message to The Staff at Weiss Memorial Hospital

I will be eternally grateful to the Doctors, Nurses and PCTs of Weiss during my recent health crisis. Some of you might of seen a previous post regarding the same thing, but something really happened beyond my control and I think you deserve an explanation. It is true that I had Colitis, (an infection of the colon). Both the infection and the meds really did a number on me. I lost weight, I couldn’t eat or drink, plus the vomiting was horrible. Well I was healthy for a week up until I got sick again with the same problems. I literally went to the emergency room 4 times at 2 different hospitals. But still nobody could figure out why I was sick and frankly after a couple of weeks I thought I was going to die.

Call it “Last Resort” which it really was. I contacted a GI doctor and made an appointment. He was in the same building as another doctor I see, and it worked out I made the appointment so I could see one then the other. In between this I got a blood test. Really I want to personally thank Dr. Steiner for having the wisdom to check me for Thyroid issues.

By the time I saw my second doctor of the day. I was half out of it and frankly way tooo ill to go home and I was checked in to the nearby hospital.

Now get this 2 hours later Dr. Steiner was in my room telling me that signs pointed to a Thyroid issue. By the next morning it was confirmed I was Hyperthyroid.

Those 4 days I spent in the hospital I went from a wreck to back to nearly I was before all of this started. I still a bit weak and it maybe a couple of days more before I could return to work. But I will recover and I will be able to inform all you furries and non furries out there.

Thank You All