Alt-Right Furries Are Raging Online, And Leftist Furries Wonder What Is To Be Done

Recently Huffington Post did an article on Alt-Right Furries making it sound like what has become common place on Facebook. Namely the divisiveness, the name calling, taking sides. They even threw in Patch O’Furr, Deo, Pepe the Frog and the Furry Raiders. It’s hard to know who is acting like a bigger idiot. Where do you draw the line between getting your view known, and giving these idiots free publicity.

I have dealt with 2 of the 4 names I mention, and I would not let either one walk my dog. Now watch to see if they attack me, even though I did not mention them by name. That is why I say these groups want attention good or bad. 2 of them are complete idiots anyway, which is why I feel the hate comments coming.

99% of the furry fandom isn’t like this they just want to have a little innocent fun and leave the world and it’s problems at the door.

But still is that nasty and vile 1% who will do anything to get to see there view whether it is stealing someones meet, or making threats against a convention like some terrorist group. Just so they get people to talk about them.

One of the reason I don’t, normally talk about the Alt-Right or Leftists they just want publicity, like that nut job who runs the furry raiders. I call him that because what person in their right mind would try and join the american nazi party even though they don’t meet their standards.

It is getting so bad on social media in general my list of blocked names just get longer and longer. Social media is just blowing itself up to a point it is literally driving people away. As to the apps they are no better, many of them just have a personal agenda. Reason why I personally stay away from them, too many bad experiences.

Speaking of which and you don’t have to post an answer. Did you become a furry for fun or do you have a political agenda which your trying to ram down peoples throats?

Me it has always been for the fun, that is why I love fur cons so much.

Are you with the 1% of Haters or the 99% who just want to have fun…only you can decide