Furry Times April – July 2018 Review

I know this sounds weird that there is an South Africa version of my blog. Not really this version of Furry Times is published by a group of Furries in South Africa. I gave them permission to use Furry Times as a symbol that furries should always get along.

Since this is there 2nd issue (The first being published back in 2016) I decided to give it a review and share it with my readers.


April July PDF Link

First Issue

Overall it’s a great magazine I loved the article on MFF 2017, and the article that tells how to illuminate fursuits was quite informative. With the various stuff they cover you soon realize that there is a lot to the fandom. Old vs. new, games, other cons, local events, etc.. Really I gave then high marks for there efforts and making it available for free shows you what kind of furries your dealing with. Real nice ones.

10/10 Keep up the good work