A Furry Mystery

What you are now seeing is a mystery, yes I know this looks as if it a furry bashing publication but in actual fact it is a one off furry publication.

Published back in 2001.

Yes I am very aware that sounds like crap, but I assure you it isn’t it’s listed in Wikifur

And as it turns out Shawn Keller once worked for Disney.

Despite being written up on this one site I have learned recently that the entire article is solely based on what the author found on Wikifur. I have been told what is posted in Wikifur about this issue is wrong. You see why I call this a mystery.

Like most fanzines they are hard to find and rarely these one off issues hit the market. I am not making an excuse I am just telling the truth.

The truth is I was going to write an article on this publication, but when you hit a wall you really hit the wall. So I posted what I could and that’s it and hoping one day to find this issue and really do a good article.

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