A Furry Mystery

What you are now seeing is a mystery, yes I know this looks as if it a furry bashing publication but in actual fact it is a one off furry publication.

Published back in 2001.

Yes I am very aware that sounds like crap, but I assure you it isn’t it’s listed in Wikifur

And as it turns out Shawn Keller once worked for Disney.

Despite being written up on this one site I have learned recently that the entire article is solely based on what the author found on Wikifur. I have been told what is posted in Wikifur about this issue is wrong. You see why I call this a mystery.

Like most fanzines they are hard to find and rarely these one off issues hit the market. I am not making an excuse I am just telling the truth.

The truth is I was going to write an article on this publication, but when you hit a wall you really hit the wall. So I posted what I could and that’s it and hoping one day to find this issue and really do a good article.

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  1. This was not a fanzine but a comic based off of his bash-fest animation. It was well animated by not very good and was one of those insult by making everybody look ugly style jokes. He really went out of his way to insult actual people in this and to be honest Mr Keller is a bit of a dick.

    It exists still on youtube:

  2. What I mean is, there isn’t that much mystery here. The wikifur article isn’t that off the mark. Yes, Mr Keller was at Disney and did work on movies like Lion King. He was also active in the fandom and around the early 2000’s he soured around the whole burned fur time and got a bit hostile to the fandom. I expect it was a circle jerk with the people he was hanging with at the time.

    We have a copy of it somewhere but it really was bad. It was mostly attacks on the old guard of Artist or the staff of Confurence which in most respects were attacking us. I wasn’t a fan of that style of insult comic as it relies on just making the thing you are parodying just ugly but saying little.

    It was written up in InFurNation back in 2001:


    “From Bob Dahl at mindspring.com:

    Okay folks, you’ve heard the controversy, now have a look for yourself! Shawn Keller, long-time animator and closet furry fan-artist, has decided to make his name known in a big way with Shawn Keller’s Horrifying Look at the Furries. An extremely weird collection of over-the-top and gross humor, this is furry fandom as seen through the eyes of Basil Wolverton or Robert Crumb, if that’s your cup of tea. Is it yet another attack on a fandom that’s had too much unfair press? Or a collection of in-gags from someone who’s actually been there? Decide for yourself! [The black & white comic is available from 1aB Comix, and also on-line at http://www.furryfans.com. Your friendly ed-otter will keep his opinions of the comic to himself.]”

    Here is a writeup from Pressed Fur:


    Here is the review on Flayrah with associated thread:


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