Why Blocking Someone on Twitter is STUPID

Really this all began yesterday when I first heard of a terrific episode of Lucifer…really a Genuine FURRY episode that has gotten praise from the fandom. So this morning I tried to track down which episode so I could review it for my readers. That was when I discovered something that made me laugh…really I laughed. It seems Dogpatch Press blocked me on Twitter. I admit there is no love between us, we have had issues with one another since we became of each other existence. There have been things said on both sides and allegations have been made by both sides as well as 3rd parties. So Dogpatch Press blocking me should not really be a big surprise.

Truthfully I only block anyone on Twitter if they messaged me hate or something crazy. But even I know I can’t block them from seeing my page…WHY? The block only works if you are logged in and if you use a different browser on your PC the block simply doesn’t work.

I have 3 browsers on my PC I won’t say which one I use regularly but that is the one I use for both my blog as well as my Twitter page.

With block (actual screenshot)

And Without, I used a different browser (actual screenshot)

I have been told it’s episode 25, but we have to see who is right. Either way, you can see it on Hulu right now…and Fox if I am wrong. Let you know later…

Beware The Goblin King

David Bowie,we miss you…