So You Want to be Chairman of a Con

Boozy Badger who I have the greatest respect for wrote on his own blog HERE what it is really like. If you think it’s easy, think again.

To quote the piece:

Now, I can hear people out there saying shit like, “But Boozy, a con chair can simply stack the Board of Directors with his friends and supporters when the convention is formed!” You’re right. A con chair sure as shit can, but it’s idiotic to do so, because the Board of Directors doesn’t owe a duty to the con chair. The Board of Directors, every member of the Board of Directors, owes a duty to the convention and the underlying non-profit corporation through something called “fiduciary duties.” These aren’t simple goddamn suggestions for the Board of Directors to follow, but rather actual legal duties that cannot be waived by the members of the Board, and a breach of those duties can make the board member personally liable to the corporation and/or to the membership of the convention itself.

From there on it gets into more detail…

Review and Download of Touch issue 1

A very special thanks to Josh Munro for sending me a copy of Touch issue 1. Overall both the stories included in the issue are good, nothing all that exceptional. The same could be said about the art that is included in the issue. 7 out of 10

Download Touch issue 1 here