Ahmar Wolf at Anime Midwest

I am going to Anime Midwest in Rosemont, IL this weekend and I should be there again today in a couple of hours. Overall Anime Midwest is a good anime con. Really it all comes down to what you like, and when you can go. We have 3 anime cons in my area not counting C2E2 which is more a comic/ entertainment con. There are Anime Central, Anime Midwest and Finally Con+Alt+Delete which starts this year. I like Anime Midwest a better than Anime Central as it seems friendlier.

After getting my badge I looked around where the biggest crowds are gathered. The Dealers Area isn’t it always. I swear you can find anything anime related except for videos. All of it good and all of it fair priced, I know some complain but have you ever looked outside of Ebay and see what this stuff is going for? I got a few things, including the Furry Mystery Box.

But more on that on Monday

The panels I have been too are all good there were some technical issues with sound and video displays. In one panel the video projector would only show the color red. But that was all minor issues.

Really my only complaint and I wasn’t the only one was food prices. But anyone who has ever been to Rosemont knows that all too well. The closest places are in the hotels, the others are a very long walk or bus ride away. The best option I found is Expoteria which is connected to the Convention Hall. But still, it can average $15 per person.

On a personal note, I bought my 3DS. It shook hands with 15 others and even though this is the next day. I am still finding things those handshakes benefitted me.

Speaking of which they are going to do a swap meet at Anime Midwest today. I am bringing a few things to see what happens. I have never been to one at a con before, and I am hopeful.

But more on that tomorrow