Anthrocon 2018 by The Numbers

Total Raised for South Hill Pet Rescue $36,012

The number in Fursuit Parade (I wish MFF still had one) 1,980

Total Attendance 8,407

Anime Midwest: Last Day

Sunday down at Anime Midwest was in a word “INCREDIBLE”. Literally some of the best panels I have ever been to I attended. The very best for me at least was called The Movie Forum hosted by Greyson Bishop, a panel barely 15 people attended. It really got into what people liked and didn’t like about some movies. We even got into films people rarely talk about such as Night of the Lepus. I really wish it ran for more than an hour, it was that good. The most unusual one was Whose Lion is It Anyway? hosted by Zuzu and company. One that is a staple at most fur cons, expect this one was Voltron themed. Was it any good you might ask? Yes, I laughed as much as the rest of the audience.

If the Swap Meet had a host I did not see one, but if you were like me and were unsure what it is. Think no further than any Yard Sale or Garage Sale you have ever been too. You set up on what space you can find as the buyers go past. I managed to sell some DVDs I won’t say how much I made. But I did make back more than half of what I spent at the con.

The rest of my time there was great and more than likely I will be back next year.

Now for what I promised, what was in that Furry Mystery Box.

The contents

I think it was a good purchase.

Now on a personal note, my 3DS shook hands so to speak with 9 more yesterday this bringing my total up to 24 for the weekend. Was it worth it? yep again I got so much stuff in those handshakes it literally will take me a couple of days to go through it all.

I would also suggest if you own a 3DS or Switch sign up for My Nintendo. Yes, Nintendo has a reward program when you buy digital games and add-ons. I know the prices of games…ouch.