RIP Robert Hill

Robert Hill AKA Robert Bear AKA Vawlkee, one of the very first fursuiters, has passed away. He was most well known for his characters at cons. Two bears are known as Clementine and Annabelle, along with Hilda. He was also seen in an episode of MTV’s Sex2K series in costume. Passed away on Dec 14, 2018

Unauthorized MFF Bingo

I actually found this at MFF I don’t know who created this, but I do want to thank them for creating this.

Film Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet

I got to start out by saying Wreck-It Ralph is one of my favorite films. Being a gamer I got all of those little inside jokes only we gamers would understand. Ralph Breaks The Internet, takes the characters to a whole different level. Taking it from what hardcore gamers know to these days where everyone is online all the time with that smartphone or tablet your either using right now or certainly, have nearby. I literally saw one of the best depictions of what the internet is like now minus all the porn. Everything I saw on the screen was so true. Like the Pop Ups and their depiction of Tweets which were extremely well done.

I am trying to be spoiler free here but even if I told you how the film starts or even how it ends…which I have to admit I saw coming. Doesn’t really matter as this film was more about friendship and love more than anything else including the secret to raising kids. I’ll let you figure that out, and by the way, Nick Wilde of Zootopia is in there for maybe 8 seconds. I admit it was good to see him, like the Disney Princesses taking a bigger role in figuring out their place in the world of things. I was actually surprised when one of the princesses copied the same action the same character made in Shrek 3. I know weird like I felt about the film. It is so good, but yet so different. It’s really hard without giving things away, what I liked and what I didn’t but even then as it turns out it was necessary to the plot. Which can be stated, as knowing when to let go and let your friend grow. I know that rhymes I was going for that.

So is Ralph Breaks the Internet well worth both your time and money?

Hell yes!!! But don’t go into the theater expecting the same film as you did a couple of years ago. It’s different alright and you will literally see yourself or at least your online self and it might cause you to change your internet habits.

One thing I want to point out before you give you my score. That the scene you have seen in the trailer with the Bunny and the Cat is there in the closing credits, so if you want to see that stick around for a while.

My Overall Score 8/ 10

Dark Crystal Series Update

Gizmodo recently posted a HUGE UPDATE on The Dark Crystal series for Netflix, including cast and first photos.

The Skeksis & Mystics in #TheDarkCrystal: Age Of Resistance are voiced by: Harvey Fierstein, @HamillHimself @ralphineson @jasonsfolly @KeeganMKey, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson @simonpegg & @AndySamberg. Also Aughra will be voiced by Donna Kimball!

More details can be found here