The mascot of the Second European Games presented

No that is not a fursuiter that is Lesik mascot for the Second European Games in Belarus details and more photos can be found here

The Hunt for Furry Times Dot Com

Back when I changed the name of this blog from Yiffy Times to Furry Times I always wanted to go with Furry Times Dot Com and not Dot Net which I finally settled on. But I have always been curious what was Furry Times Dot Com anyway?

I learned using Domain Tools

I learned that the site got in start in 2011, so that is where I began looking on

It seems a site was under construction as earily as 2004/05 there even was a Live Journal page that has long since vanished.

Then again in 2008/09

But finally by June 2, 2012

We get this

Turns out it actually was a animal site that lasted until Dec 2012.

Then Live Domain Auctioneers bought the site has owned it ever since, and currently wants just under $1,000. Now that their hold over the site will soon end as it turns out. I have no plans on changing. But it was interesting checking out the history of Furry Times.