Article 11 and Article 13: What you need to know about the new copyright directive

For Europe and an explanation for everywhere else.

In brief Article 11

Article 11 was softened since it was last voted on in September of last year. Under current rules, websites will not be charged for using individual words of parts of sentences from other websites, nor will they have to pay for linking back to other people’s work. 

The row over this proposed law was intense. At one point last year, Google threatened to take down its Google News service from Europe in protest. 

The fear is that search engines will stop displaying as much content online to avoid paying the link tax, depriving people of information at a quick glance. 

Article 13

This proposal was counterproductive for many people because the only major website with a content filter in place is Google-owned YouTube, giving the company a competitive advantage over other players. 

You can read the full article here on Telegraph

An Open Letter

Recently I have contacted by several of my readers who are under 18. All of whom I have so far refused to reply and I thought I better explain my actions publically. In the last few years, there are those who have contacted me about something, but when I replied my words were twisted and I was accused. Thankfully it was nothing serious but I have taken several precautions since and this extends to those UNDER 18 and being accused of saying something I didn’t actually say is my biggest fear. Because when you’re in the public eye even on a small scale your rep is very important.

Not that I am against my readers contacting me, be aware I am taking extra caution. Even going so far as to have a 3rd party read any messages sent to me.

So with this said, “How can someone Under 18 contact me?” Through Twitter @Dr_Timefox and make a public post, you will get an answer. This way there is no question of what I said or what they have said. This also extends to any of my readers who want a quick reply.