Furry Fanzine Collecting

Collecting Furry Fanzine is difficult, even more so posting them online because some believe it’s a copyright violation. They are hard to find period, the last few I added came from Furbid and that was over a year ago, that I saw anything that I would be interested in.

Then came this email out of the blue from this guy saying he is willing to help. Something I will not turn down, but their offer of cash, I did and mainly because I can’t guarantee I find anything. Next thing I know I get another email from them locating 3 of them on eBay; 2 for $100 each and the 3rd for $50. Look I would get them if the price was cheaper and the way this was handled I am very positive that they were the Seller and tried to get me to spend $250 on just 3 issues.

I can’t tell you how much to spend for any of these fanzines…but I know what I am willing to spend and it isn’t $250 for just 3 pieces. Maybe $50 tops but no more.

Collecting fanzines are like any other sort of collecting, you know what your willing to spend.

POV: you’re at a furry con and you have the most annoying roommates ever

With MFF coming up….