Furries Taken Sides in The Election

KQED posted an article about Shahid Buttar, the democratic socialist running to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, posed for a picture and invited O’Furr to volunteer for his congressional campaign, noting that a giant rodent toting a slogan could have the impact of 50 regular volunteers.

The article goes on to say about how the political climate is currently when the current administration seemly want to remove the rights and protections on the LGBTQ+ community that we all need to vote or things will get worse.

It also goes into the Alt-Right movement and of those who are fighting them such as the works by Deo.

But really folks no matter what side you are on you really need to go out and vote.


Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Look at the world today—violence is rife, weapons proliferate and countries eagerly pursue arms sales. This is a wrong approach. There are other ways to make money. The world needs non-violence and compassion, not in terms of prayers, but as spurs to a different course of action.