Weird Things on Social Media

I should have labeled this piece as WTF?!!! as none of this makes any sense to me.

First up last night Paru Itagaki (creator of Beastars) posted on Twitter last night A supposed link to an interview they had a JMOF 2019 on coming out a furry. That turned out to be a link to an old music video. Now today according to Twitter, their account has been suspended. Yes, I am very well aware this absolutely makes no sense.

Second is this other thing which I really don’t understand. There seems to be some that are labeling German Shepherd furs as either fake or real cops and NAZIs all at the same time. Which really makes no sense. I have a good friend who has a German Shepherd fursona he is neither a cop or a nazi but is in to IT. This is what is wrong about labeling someone, you making so many assumptions that they are pain making themselves look stupid.

Part Time Dragons

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Wienermobile Pulled Over

NBC Chicago reports that the Famous Wienermobile was pulled over by A sheriff’s deputy in Waukesha for violating the state’s “Move Over Law.” The law requires drivers to change lanes when approaching stationary emergency vehicles, or if they’re not able to, to reduce their speed.

But I have to really give it to Oscar Mayer

Deputies let the driver off with a verbal warning, but posted on Facebook to remind drivers of the law. Oscar Mayer said it hopes to raise awareness of the “Move Over Law” through the t-shirt sales, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Road Safety Foundation.

The link to the T Shirt