The Goat building the perfect victim by Bill Kieffer Book Review

I fully admit I was uncomfortable reading this novel. It’s not that it was bad, it was more like stepping into someone’s private life and seeing their darker side. The Goat dives headfirst into the world of magic and transformation for sex. I know usually in book reviews they recount the entire story to get people to buy copies. But the book has been out for a while and frankly there isn’t much to the story other than what I already said. Transformation, sex and goats.

Although the story in my opinion is very well presented, it’s just I am not personally into such things and frankly I thought it was also a bit too creepy. On how the main character slowly drives all hope from his victim.

Coming from an abusive father, I felt for the victim.

As the story dived deeper the more uncomfortable I felt. Believe me this isn’t like any other kind of book with the same theme. Where the harsher side is played down, no here you get it square in the face with both barrels…and that isn’t buckshot along with gun powder residue…IT’S CUM!!!

Deeper and deeper we go into both the sex and transformation the more twisted this tale became. For example later in the story the main character becomes a goat for 2 weeks but has no memory of their time as one.

As for the ending…it takes a strange turn when one of the characters permanently transform into a car. I didn’t quite get that but it is the way this story goes.

Really should you pick up a copy like I did when I saw one at MFF? Only if your into this kind of stuff or am curious about it. Bill Kieffer did a great job, anyone who make me feel this creepy gets one of my highest recommendation.

The book is still available from Fur Planet HERE