Brian Swords AKA Biohazard and John Oliver

In all honesty this whole Brain Swords AKA Biohazard matter is one of the strangest things I have ever seen in the furry fandom.

First of all you get John Oliver wanting out of the blue a work by an artist most of us in the furry fandom have never heard of before.

Offering no less than $1,000 to the current owner and $20,000 to their local food bank. Left me speechless.

The circumstances of how the original art sold on a TV Art Auction back in the 1990s is just plain weird

On Biohard’s page on Wikifur they had a link to his old site. But since has been taken down within the past 2 weeks by it’s host

It seems the only interview this artist has ever had was one on Dogpatch Press, and since all of this came up won’t even acknowledge what has hit social media recently.

2 weeks past and John Oliver has his art.

Just plain weird