COVID-19 Report: FurryEST, MCFC

FurryEST which is a furry camping events that takes place in July in Estonia cancelled this years gathering.

I will go on record unlike other sites and say I honestly missed this one MCFC which takes place normally in July while in Southfield, MI USA back in the 1st week of April obviously cancelled.

On MCFC they posted the following statement from Con Chair Keet Collie

Hello everybody, my name is Keet. I am the convention chairman for Motor City Furry Con. Today I would like to have a frank discussion with you about the prospects of running the con this year. I personally do not believe in sugar-coating anything or coming up with flowery words. I would like to give everyone this information as straightforward and honestly as possible. Over the last month, both myself and the board of directors for the convention have been investigating the option of running MCFC during the fall of 2020. As many of you may know, there are a number of factors which would affect the
decision to run the event this year. Those factors include, but are not limited to, the hotel’s capacity to accommodate us, our staff’s ability to adjust to the new dates, and our attendees’ ability to come to the convention, given the high rate of unemployment and loss of income and P.T.O. All of these affect the financial ability of our convention to operate. We have taken these factors into account, and though our hotel is willing to work with us and our staff is more than capable to move to new dates, with the current uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided it would not be a prudent decision to run the event this year. Although we would like nothing more than to put on this event later in the year,
we feel, as a board, that it is in the best interest of the con and our attendees to postpone until 2021. We do not take this decision lightly and it saddens us greatly to have to postpone MCFC until 2021, but it feels like the right decision for everyone involved. We also felt it was prudent to not scramble to try to run an event later on in the year, as there are many already planned and established events running in that timeframe. We would like to not have a negative impact on other conventions, and we encourage you to support them during this unprecedented time. Additionally, as many of you may understand,
there are a certain number of fixed costs involved with running an event which cannot be reduced. We felt it is better to not cut other costs and provide a sub-par event in 2020, with the possibility of damaging our ability to run the event in future years. Our intention is to postpone the convention to 2021, when we can hit the ground running to give you the best event we possibly can. Please take heart in the fact that MCFC is in a good financial and staffing position to continue on after this setback. We look forward to welcoming you back next year. I know this is a great disappointment to all of you and to a great number of our staff, and I appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you have any
questions or comments, please feel free to email us at