The Chicago Riots

I know some expected me to do as others do a day of Blackout or post BLM…so why didn’t I? It all comes down to this past weekend’s Looting and Rioting. Some might even say these rich companies deserve it…but not me because that isn’t what got hit. A majority of them were small companies because of this pandemic are on the verge of bankruptcy. Worse yet the insurance companies are going to pay the claims because to them this is an act of terrorism. So those same companies are in an even worse spot, take what happened to a friend. Whose place of work was not only looted, but burned. Right now his boss is trying to get a loan which as you can imagine is very tough these days. To pay for everything, right now it’s no loan, he is out of work. Thanks looters!!!

Also could someone explain to me why Black Owned Businesses were looted and burned? Think I am lying Google it yourself, more than 60 were by one account.

Then a friend sent me something which I will not post here. It was a direct threat to my neighborhood. Threatening to burn it to the ground, so these terrorists wanted to make 1,000s homeless.

That is why you won’t see anything BLM here. I think what happened to George Floyd was murder and those former cops should get hit with a tougher charge but that is it. I cannot condone violence in any shape or form, the only protest I ever was apart of recently was one I was apart of during my recent trip to Washington, DC back in September.

Non-violent and made an excellent point.