Confurtiva Online Starts Today

For those like me who can’t read Spanish here is what it says

We wait for you next Saturday 29 in a Confurtiva broadcast on Twitch.

This week the boys from @wolfblut  and we will talk about his project Furry Vlogs

6 PM Central Time Mexico
For those who do, have fun

Indy Fur Con Online is LIVE

You may have missed it’s first day, but you have this weekend to make up for lost time

Infurnity Seeks Streamers

Now is your chance to be a part of something that is truly international. LINK to APPLY

Infurnity is based in Taiwan

In Honor of Chadwick Boseman

It is sad when someone loses their life to cancer, I should know my own brother died of cancer 7 years ago. Chadwick Boseman, who literally got the biggest role of his lifetime with the Black Panther. His passing is doubly sad, so I take a momentary break from all things furry to remember a life take far too soon.

The following was posted on his own Twitter page.