My Experience with Greyhound

I took Greyhound for the first time since my childhood recently, it when I went to see a good friend in Evansville, IN. I did the usual things before my journey, checking out what I could online and watching videos talking about what it was like. Yes I also saw the horror stories, but really all I would say is I wish I knew better and I hope this helps those who plan to take Greyhound for the first time once this Pandemic is over.

I brought with me water and a snack. I quickly wish I brought more, you know when people say “You have nothing better to do, you eat”. That is so true, all you can do is sit there, play with your seat belt and look out the window, and let me tell you, using the restroom when the bus is going 55 MPH is a experience un to itself. If you brought some device with you, make sure you don’t need the internet. I know Greyhound says it’s buses have WiFi, but the reality of it is it’s cellphone internet and when it can’t get a signal, there isn’t wifi. So a laptop is a must or at least a device with preloaded content is a MUST. Also remember your often traveling through rural areas so no cellphone signal period, so texting is out.

Like I said earlier I didn’t bring that much food, oh sure the bus makes rest stops often at places with restaurants. But unless your big into fast food, you are out of luck. The same can be said if you happen to have a layover which I did twice. Both down and up, given it’s often the middle of the night your options are extremely limited. Greyhound’s own Snack Bars, depending on location have a very limited menu. I am not joking when I say this bring a shopping bag of food with you. Especially if it’s an overnight journey, or worse yet on some special diet.

One trick I figured out after I got home was how to take cereal with you. Ziploc bag with cereal and plastic spoon as for the milk… one of those little containers of almond milk. Why almond milk? It won’t spoil.

Drivers are nice, but they often forget if you have a layover to return your ticket, which you need for the next leg of your journey. My suggestion is use a digital ticket option through their app or if you printed your ticket. Make sure you have a couple of copies.

As for the ride, the seat was comfortable, and I was really happy it had a seat belt. What can I say I seen the news.

One thing I have never seen anyone mention is what happens during your travels. I know a lot depends on your other passengers… but really. The biggest issue I had was sweat, you can really feel the humidity in the bus rise as your trip goes on. I was on 4 buses in total and had this issue on 3 of them. No joke I actually felt sticky, and was happy that a friend suggested to bring Wet Wipes, the kind women and babies use. There really isn’t anyway to wash your hands, so hand sanitizer is a must.

By the time I got to the end of both my travels I really needed a change of clothes and a shower.

So really folks if your traveling Greyhound you need

FOOD, Water, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and some sort of entertainment device that does not need the internet or a cellphone network.

Also be aware that you might not sleep very well. I barely slept during my journey, I don’t blame Greyhound, it’s just the way I am.

Be aware if you are going to make an early morning exit of the bus, the driver won’t wake you up. So it is possible unless your traveling to the end of the line for that route to sleep past your stop.

I hope this helps you first timers