The Masked Singer Season 4 Overview

Masked Singer has always been about celebrities in costumes trying to fool a panel of judges and see which one is the best. Over the previous seasons I have heard some amazing performances and this season is no exception.

Except how do you do a show like this in these days of social distancing.

First the Judges are now sitting 6 feet apart and nobody is touching. The Backup Dancers have their faces completely covered. Despite some cleaver editing there is no live audience, and hand waving by the show’s staff.

It is very obvious.

The first episode we saw The Sun, Dragon, Snow Owls, Popcorn, and Giraffe.

The only one eliminated was The Dragon and they turned out to be Busta Rhymes.

Like usual with me I haven’t a clue who any of them, and according to sources they will have 16 contestants this season.

The costumes are brilliant and the songs amazing as always.

Usual for me I have no clue who is The Sun. But they sang “Cuz I Love You”, better than Lizzo’s original.

Can’t wait until the next episode.

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