October vs. The Pandemic

If your reading this congratulations you have survived most of 2020 unharmed… I hope. With so much bad news, most of us fear we are losing our minds, we have mixed emotions. Yours truly is no expectation, I so want to get out an do something… ANYTHING!!!

It being October, by now I normally have my MFF badge preordered, and start to make basic plans. Waiting to the release of the schedule (which normally happens in November) to finalize them. Yes I really do this and have for the last 5 years and I have rarely missed anything I wanted to see and do. I will admit now that being a Sponsor last year threw me off. I missed some photos I would normally take. Usually crowd photos, and of course more fursuiters. I hope to correct that mistake for the next MFF. Also make more videos covering little things that are usually unplanned but will make you smile.

Like this one…

October also for me, that usually means that a good friend and I would head off to the biggest of the 2 local zoos for their annual Halloween event. No fursuiters due to no masks for anyone over 12. But my friend and I usually have a great time. We bring our own picnic.

But that isn’t happening this year obviously.

This past year with little else to do I have been thinking about my life and places I like to go. In fact I was thinking about going to another convention in addition to MFF. Which one? I rather not say for now, except it won’t be in Illinois.

But from what I have seen from social media a lot are doing the same. I even seen someone who actually swore of cons in general. Actually say they need to go to this one con, once this is all over of course.

All I can say and keep in mind this is what I have been told. Smaller cons are better than the big ones. Simply because you can make friends, which given the number of MFFs I have been to is impossible for some at bigger cons. I have never made a friend at MFF. Although I have met some real nice furries.

As to local events if you live in a area that has them. I hope you have a chance to decide for yourself is it something you STILL want to be apart of. I know of excellent ones, as well as some terrible ones, are they worth coming back to once this is all over? That is up to YOU.

Speaking of which I really want to go to @FurlifeNW, a Seattle Bowling Meet that is so large they literally take over the entire bowling center. One report I saw said their were over 200 at one meet. Over 200?!!! I would make a special trip to Seattle just to cover it once.

That for me means a 2 day trip on Amtrak one way.

No MFF, no anime con, no special challenges for me this year. Not until this pandemic is over. I am very grateful to those who have stuck around. I know I haven’t posted much, frankly very little is happening. For example in September I could only find 5 news stories in total.

I did get a surprise recently when I discovered the place I use to play laser tag has been torn down. The company that operated it, Laser Quest is now out of business.

A victim of this pandemic.

Which I hope you aren’t. Wear a mask, and stay healthy if you can. For once this is all over it will be time to party.