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I, The Tribunal by PC Hatter Book Review

I know this sounds strange but I have never read any books by Stacy Bender the book’s author before. I promoted their work like I would any furry author. But now I have a new appreciation for their work after reading I, The Tribunal.

It’s the first of the Kaiser Wrench stories, who is a private detective who lives by his own rules. Set in a time long before technology has all but taken over solving crime. This book delivers on a great story which begins with the murder of Kaiser Wrench good friend. We get to meet great characters, each with their own interesting backgrounds, hell the whole world the author sets for us is great. Dirty, crooked, and best of all you are unsure who actually wants this murder as well as others actually solved.

I will admit I am a Mystery Snob, I hate short cut endings, plan ridiculous set ups and hell knowing who dunnit right from the very start. But we don’t get that as suspicions go from one character to another all for legit reasons. But when the murderer is revealed, it took me by surprise. If I told you the number of mysteries I have heard, seen or read you simply would not believe it.

I, The Tribunal is a great book and can be found on Amazon

Best Take on The Stimulus

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