Vaccine Mascots

Frankly given the way human nature is and all these ****** who won’t get vaccinated for one reason or another. You can see why some countries have pulled out the Mascot Card. Mascots like fursuiters, are cute and lovable (hopefully). Why “(hopefully)” as this post will contain images found online. The one from Brasil I can’t post without getting a certain label.

It’s image can be found in this article found in the Washington Post. If your offended, take it up with them.


To some degree and from a distance it’s hard to gauge how successful they were. But to us in the USA one choice is rather funny. If you know who is Caillou

No joke this is Israel’s Mascot

See what I mean, and meanwhile half of Israel’s population is vaccinated.

You know Japan would get it right, they always have the BEST characters

Don’t Hug Cacti Controversy Update

Lucky Coyote and Skuff Coyote makes appearance in a podcast addressing claims presented in the document

Fur Squared Virtual Con This Weekend

COVID-19 Report: EAST Cancels for 2021

EAST (A fur con which takes place in Germany) reports on their Telegram

“Dear EAST 10 participants and fellow furs,

Like many of you, the question “What will happen to EAST 10 in July 2021?” has kept us on tenterhooks for the last few weeks.
With reference to the Covid 19 crisis, we have deliberately waited for all developments and decisions so as not to make any hasty decisions. In doing so, we have been in constant close contact with the Ringberghotel and have talked through all eventualities and possibilities.

Together with the Ringberghotel, we have now come to the decision to postpone the official EAST 10 until 2022.
A new EAST date will be announced soon.”