Fox and Burger Podcast #3: Thai Furries, Making Con Videos, and More – Feat Polar the Lion

What the HELL is Judas and Jesus? (I’m going to hell for this lol)

You can find the video HERE

RAM Con Virtual Con Theme Announced

Furry Weekend Atlanta Postponed to 2022

Furry Weekend Atlanta

We want to reassure everyone that Furry Weekend Atlanta as an organization is still viable, and we are already planning for a return with Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022. Planning for FWA 2022 is still in the early stages, and a date has not been finalized yet. Once more information becomes available, we will of course, share it with you as soon as possible.

What does this mean for me?

If you are an attendee who elected to have your membership roll over to FWA 2021, your registration will automatically roll over to our event for FWA 2022. No additional action will be needed on your part.

Dealers who have elected to roll over their table purchases to FWA 2021 will receive an email in the coming days with more details on what actions can be taken. 

What does this mean for Furry Weekend Atlanta? 

We want to take this time to thank the furry community for your incredible love and support through these difficult times. Thanks to your financial support, Furry Weekend Atlanta will be able to regroup and plan for a return in 2022. That being said, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that going two years without an event is financially challenging for a non-profit organization.

Furry Weekend Atlanta is continuing to look for ways to reduce our expenses and raise funds to help us survive through these lean times. As the global pandemic unfolded, we made the difficult decision to close our community space and halt all work in our offices. Many of you have joined us for streaming events such as Furry Weekend At-Home, and we thank you for all of the continued support online. If you have fundraising ideas, we would love to hear from you!

If you’d like to help support Furry Weekend Atlanta and help our event in 2022 be one to remember; you can make a donation at When you make purchases from our Con Store, you are helping support FWA directly. The Con Store has a wide range of products and furry-themed swag from previous FWAs. You can check out what’s available at

We know that this announcement comes as a disappointment to some of you. We appreciate all of our attendees’ support and ask that you give us just a few more weeks to work out further details. We remain focused on putting on an event in 2022 that will be both safe and fun.

– Furry Weekend Atlanta