Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Today, there is too strong a sense of ‘us’ and ‘them’. There’s too much sense of ‘my friends’ or ‘my enemy’. But we can change that. I’m committed to the idea of the oneness of humanity. As human beings we are all the same. What’s more we all have to live together on this planet.

Fur Con News: Confuzzled, Furcation

Want to join ConFuzzled staff? We’re looking for a new Head of Design!

To apply, go here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PD3RTXJ (Closes 7th July)

As Head of Design, your main responsibility is to source and create artwork for the convention, in line with the theme choice each year.

Some of your key tasks will include;

  • Sourcing all requested artwork for the convention
  • Design the convention conbook / mini guide
  • Create the hotel theming for the convention
  • Designing (with suitable notice) items for other teams (conpack, roll up banners, posters)
  • Discussion with suppliers for printing / conpack items
  • Preparing the website design and layout
  • Adding the ConFuzzled personality to the written word (where appropriate and required)

As part of these responsibilities, you’ll have to be able to work to certain deadlines. The most obvious one is the convention itself, but other deadlines will come throughout the year, including ensuring material is ready to send to printers, or materials needed for our website.

As the Head of the Design department, you may also be responsible for managing others in your department. You will also be reporting to an Associate Director within the convention, who will help co-ordinate your activities.

Furcation ready for 2021 Online Con, but the next IN PERSON CON is 2022

Furcation Online 2021

Furcation Online 2021: Pool Party
12th to 14th November 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Furcation will be running online again in 2021. We hope to return to running our usual in-person event in 2022. Our theme “The Rawring Twenties” will roll over (again…) to our next in-person event in 2022. Please see our COVID-19 notice for more information.

We will be streaming Furcation 2021 live on Twitch between the 12th and 14th November 2021.

We also have a Discord server set up and ready for those who want to chat, enjoy the stream, play games with your friends and generally chat about what you see on stream. To join, please click the Discord button at the top of the page.

For those who like to be more involved in a virtual world, we have set up a Furcation based VRChat world, with two caravans in them so you can still chill with your friends in your own caravan, with the Twitch stream being broadcast direct to the televisions! It’s almost like being at Furcation, only without the fresh, sea air!

And, in between all this, we’re going to have a digital con-book for you! No convention is complete without a con-book!

Make sure to keep a close eye on our TwitterTelegram and Facebook for announcements!

Event submissions

Event submissions are open for Furcation Online 2021.

If you are interested in hosting an event, please fill out our event submission form and our Events team will be in touch.