Wild Times Return Dates, FurDu GOH

Wild Times (Germany) from their Telegram

We will return to the Kulturhaus in 2022 for the 4th Wild Times from 14th to 18th of September (Wednesday through Sunday).
Limited early arrival (13th) and late departure (19th) slots will be available again as well.

FurDu Guest of Honor for 2021

MFF 2021 Final Day: Sunday

I know a lot talk about PCD right about now, me maybe later but I sure am tired right now.

Being the final day I wanted to check out the Dealer’s Area first. But I arrived too early but did get a surprise because the line I got in ran too long. We got to go in the back way.

A couple things I have to mention

Cassidy Civet really nice and great singer

And Fenris Publishing

Where I did get some IMPORTANT NEWS Circles Book 4 will be debut at Anthro New England, and the book will get a wide release sometime in 2022. I suggest a poster, really hope they do one. I know the perfect place for it.

One Panel I am happy they did was Lost Furrends. Some of lost lost loved ones and it’s hard to deal with that sometimes. But I am happy I went and finally got a lot of things off of my chest.

The Fursuit Games are always my favorite and they are always so fun. We had around 80 fursuiters, twice the number from last year.

Lastly and the saddest of them all The Closing Ceremony for the STATs

Attendance 8900 est

Money donated to MCP Rescue $72,500 although this could change. This was of the ceremony

MFF 2022 will take place Dec 1 to 4 the theme will be Cinema – Movie Magic

There are a lot I didn’t cover in these reports more coming soon.