MFF 2021: The Hyatt Regency O’Hare 2 Lobbies

Wonder why I made this video? Call this a Furry Times exclusive. It honestly came about with a conversion I had with Pawsry of GFTV about videos they could use for their own video on MFF. They honestly didn’t know the Hyatt really has 2 Lobbies.

The Corridor at Midwest FurFest 2021

My most watched video up to now with more than 870 views

Blue Ridge Furfare Artist Alley Sign-ups

Interested in taking commissions, or selling hand crafted goods during the con? Awesome! Information about our artist alley is now available on our website 🖍️

Nordic Fuzz Con Seeks Conbook Submissions

Ever wanted to see your artwork printed in glorious full colour in a conbook? Well now you can !

We are open for conbook submissions until January 16th 2022, and we would love to see your Toy Town related submissions.

View our guidelines here:

Here is a sneak peek at our upcoming conbook cover by @panda_paco