Awoo! by AC Stuart Volume 1 Book Review

Let’s start out with something that really did happened. When I brought the package home containing this book. The very first thing I did after opening it, was read half the book. This is despite me watching also a film before all of this.

I have always loved the Awoo! comic and it’s crazy pack of wolves, who always make me laugh. It also filled with prey that are often good friends, and when anyone tries to hunt one of them, there wallet is stolen instead. Not forgetting the squirrel who wants to join the pack. Kevin, he is apart of the pack, so is knifemouth and Jeremy who just happens to the resident werewolf, who works in an office with a werecat. Jeremy often helps opening jars.

As you can see brilliantly written, great art and a good laugh nearly every time. You can not go wrong with Awoo!. Even when you are feeling a bit down you can not help but laugh or at least a grin, Awoo! is something that is always worth checking out.

A very solid 10 out of 10

The book is available through Fenris Publishing