Rewritten: Artisans and Oppertunists: Book One by J. Malan Review

The description on Amazon says…

Against his better judgement and born of circumstances beyond his control, Professor van Elsburg is hired to lead a troupe of mercenaries deep into the unexplored wastelands that surround their world. Their objective: unravel the mystery surrounding an undocumented archaeological site, and to discover the fate of the last expedition that vanished whilst trying not to do the same.

reWritten is an existential horror story set in a gritty post-human world, littered with the rubble of a once-mighty civilization that fell suddenly, now inhabited entirely by anthropomorphic animals. It provides a glimpse into the origins of this crudely industrialized dystopian-utopia and the Mammalæ that keep its engines oiled, its boilers fired, and its printing presses rolling.

In a world only superficially similar to our own, it asks questions that have no easy answers, and answers questions that may have been better left unasked.

Knowledge can free the mind, but it can also destroy the soul.

As for my actual review.

It’s been a few days since I have finished it and still not quite certain if I read it right. Not that the book is confusing, it’s fairly straight forward. But what got me was the plot and the many twists and turns as it took.

Like when the main character Prof. M. van Elsberg Dept of Anthropology and History Mammalae Univ felt at the very end, “Did all of what I remember, actually did happen?”

Like I said I am unclear and I think it will take a few readings before it all sinks in as there was so much going on.

It started out simple a trip to the Wasteland for this anthro jackal. Getting there was tough but he made it, then met up with his traveling companions who some where terrorists. For a while it felt like the Prof was captured by some fanatical terrorist organization. What they wanted was to restore the natural order. Carnivores eating herbivores, a crime of which as we learn is punishable by death in this world.

But there in the mostly underground base where it is said the humans made there last stand. No one cares, only surviving matters.

He does escape with damages, death of some of his companions only to discover the very present tierZero. Who just happens to be the main computer for this facility. Where dispute the base is slowly crumbling away has a hold over everyone. Those weapon equipped drones it controls means no one leaves here alive.

We as the Prof learn that the Mammalae or what we would call anthro were created there. Some 750 years earlier, as a solution to the declining human birth rate.

The loneliness the isolating the outright madness some feel. As it’s both suffocating and claustrophobic. All you want to do is breath.

Finally as all stories do we reach the Hospice, and it’s chute of death. A place where anthros never leave alive. In a moment beyond his control the Prof launches himself down that chute. Only to be injected, and have his shot up leg sliced off before…

Passing out.

Only to be awoken later in the hospital. He was told he had been there a week. After nearly freezing to death in the mail car of a train bound for prison in the frozen north.

Only to fight the guards after he was discovered.

His body does show signs of being both injected and his leg replaced.

But he like I am unsure if this is all real or not.

Literally one of the most intense book I have ever read.

I know I am leaving a lot out, and that is on purpose. To why to get you to hopefully get you to read this terrific book.

So how do I feel about it?

I can’t quite give it a 10 but a 9.1 will do out of 10

There is a 2nd book in this series, it’s called “Rekindled” I will be reviewing a but later.

You can get ReWritten from either

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