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Ridgeland Library Final Update

You might remember how since an evil mayor refused to give their library operating funds for the fact they wanted to carry LGBTQ+ reading materials. HERE and how how a furry help start a fundraising campaign as if this posting has raised $112,000.

In short everyone who donated including myself told that mayor and his hate fill cronies to F’ Off.

Now here is is a month later after the goal was met and then some.

Then this popped up the other day.

From TV station WLBT in Ridgeland, MS

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) – Months after Ridgeland’s mayor withheld money from the Ridgeland Public Library due to complaints about LGBTQ+ books being on the shelves, city leaders approved a library contract and memorandum of understanding Thursday.

The library can get the $110,000 in operational funds from the city if they accept the contract by April 8.

The mayor and board of aldermen went into executive session for about an hour and a half, making several revisions to the memorandum of understanding.

One of the revisions is added language saying that the city wants direct communication on issues like this.

In other words they are now denying what they said anything against the LGBT+ community and all of it was a mistake. You can find the whole article HERE I bet they are also hoping people will forget when they come up for re-election.

Voters have long memories