Good Furry Vs. Evil Mayor: Book Banning in Mississippi

Evil Mayor on the left… Booo!!! Hiss

What is happening is this:

Soatok, who asked to be identified by his online handle, was referring to the news that Mayor Gene McGee of Ridgeland, Mississippi, was withholding $110,000 of funding from the Madison Country Library System. Library officials told the Mississippi Free Press that the mayor had demanded they purge their collection of LGBTQ+ books, which he called “homosexual materials,” before his office would release the money.

Which make Mayor Gene McGee Evil

In an attempt to assist this Mississippi library, the furry community has launched a fundraising frenzy over the past few days, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. While book banning, or attempted book banning, has recently become something of a theme around the country, this small-town mayor seems to have inadvertently picked a fight with the wrong crowd. 

This is 100% discrimination even speaking as a straight furry, this is wrong. WE got the save those books. What is going to happen next? The mayor making being apart of the LGBTQ community illegal like it was back in the 1950s. Send people to prison for the crime of love. I say NO!!! We MUST stand up against hate in any form

You can read the full article on here

But… I personally would not be surprised that Mayor McGee has a white hood in his closet. I advise those of color be careful in HIS TOWN Ridgeland, MS

You can make a donation here through The Friends of Ridgeland Library