Fur-Eh! 10th Anniversary and You

2022 marks the 10th Anniversary of the first edition of Fur-Eh! and we are planning a retrospective exhibit that will be viewable in person by all Guests during this year’s Fur-Eh!

To make this happen, we are looking for donations and/or loans of “artifacts” tied to Fur-Eh!, particularly from the early (pre-2017) years of Fur-Eh!

This could include items like souvenirs, merchandise, photos, video or even stories related to Fur-Eh! from years past.

If you have one or more items to donate or loan to us for use in the Exhibit, please complete the following form: https://forms.gle/HpwDmLcGjDThqmiD9

We will contact you if we are able to utilize your generous donation or loan.

Furality @ FWA 2022

We are excited to announce that

@Furality is coming to FWA 2022! Experience the magic of the Luma Forest at Furality Gateway, an immersive audiovisual experience that connects the VR furry fandom to the physical world. Coming May 6 – 8 at FWA 2022 and F.Y.N.N.’s Room in #VRChat