Fur-Eh! 10th Anniversary and You

2022 marks the 10th Anniversary of the first edition of Fur-Eh! and we are planning a retrospective exhibit that will be viewable in person by all Guests during this year’s Fur-Eh!

To make this happen, we are looking for donations and/or loans of “artifacts” tied to Fur-Eh!, particularly from the early (pre-2017) years of Fur-Eh!

This could include items like souvenirs, merchandise, photos, video or even stories related to Fur-Eh! from years past.

If you have one or more items to donate or loan to us for use in the Exhibit, please complete the following form: https://forms.gle/HpwDmLcGjDThqmiD9

We will contact you if we are able to utilize your generous donation or loan.