PhiliFur Presents HAYOP

Event though PhiliFur was yesterday I feel it is important to support the community

We would like to introduce HAYOP!! A community of furry streamers based in our country! Please check out their website at or visit their Twitter page @HayopLive. Support local!

Quantum TV and The Act Man Isn’t The Only One

I know a lot have been made about Quantum TV and The Act Man, and those who support them on You Tube are getting restrictions put on their videos for supporting them.

That is the BIG story, there are 100s of little stories you just don’t hear about.

Take my own 2nd Blog PSP Hardcore you see despite the same it is a PSP fansite. I am a fan of that handheld and own almost 300 physical UMDs. For various reasons for the last few years I really hadn’t updated the blog… a lot of personal reasons. But will be getting back to it hopefully soon. But despite this I have gotten over 75,000 views. This is according to the Google Counter Widget, that itself Google provides.

So you think, “Why don’t I just monetize my site?” I have, about 5 times so far. All requests rejected, they claim I am violating the rules for monetization. HOW?!!! I may talk about the adult material that was available but I don’t show anything. I know all this stuff is minor compared to what really is going right now. But in a way it does, it exposes a bigger problem Google and Facebook both have. They are always dealing with the public and not having a single one you can actually talk, text or email. What you get are Bots. That have rejected US Govt Official ID Cards, that’s another matter.

But it is 100% true.

Nothing short of suing them I doubt would bring any response.