Anthrocon 2022 Numbers

Let me point out that is over 2,000 fursuiters, the largest number I had ever heard at any con.

Registration: 9702

Parade/Photo: 2562 fursuiters

Charity: $33,092.70

After a 3 year absence I would say Anthrocon did extremely well.

But what do those registration numbers say…

Before the pandemic some even thought Anthrocon was a dying convention. But this year proved them wrong by a full 20% jump in attendance that’s 344 over 2019.

As some of you might remember there was always a friendly fight between MFF and Anthrocon over who gets the larger attendance. But MFF in 2021 only had 8900, that’s a full 802 less than Anthrocon 2022. Will MFF lose out to Anthrocon this year? Only time will tell.

Love Can Happen At Any Age

The story begins with a 19 year old cat…

Gus was a cute old cat who was brought to the Humane Society of Catawba County. Unluckily his owners couldn’t keep him anymore because of various circumstances so they had to give him to the shelter. For the 19-year-old (133 humane years) cat it was, however, not the end. He was examined by the vets and to everyone’s surprise, the cat was exceptionally healthy for his age.

When Jane Bowers, executive director of the shelter was concerned about the cat and thought that he was old enough to be adopted he got an exciting call. The family wanted a cat to keep their aging mother company. As their mother Penny who was 101 years old Gus was the best match for their mother.

What else can I say but instant love

You can find the full story here