Anthrocon 2022 Numbers

Let me point out that is over 2,000 fursuiters, the largest number I had ever heard at any con.

Registration: 9702

Parade/Photo: 2562 fursuiters

Charity: $33,092.70

After a 3 year absence I would say Anthrocon did extremely well.

But what do those registration numbers say…

Before the pandemic some even thought Anthrocon was a dying convention. But this year proved them wrong by a full 20% jump in attendance that’s 344 over 2019.

As some of you might remember there was always a friendly fight between MFF and Anthrocon over who gets the larger attendance. But MFF in 2021 only had 8900, that’s a full 802 less than Anthrocon 2022. Will MFF lose out to Anthrocon this year? Only time will tell.