Furever West is Coming Sept 23 to 25

More information when it becomes available.

Fuzzy Princess Vol 2 by Charles Brubaker Now Available

Katrina is the adventurous feline princess of St. Paws, watched over by Chiro (a batty bat) and Kuma (whose love for haiku is only matched by his love of eating). Now they’ve been stranded in our world! Follow the silly adventures by @bakertoons You can get them here

So what is Fuzzy Princess

and their latest

First Timer @ Anthrocon

I know there is a lot going through your mind when you go to a new con. Like what is happening when, is this going to be LIVESTREAM’ed, where can I get food, and how do I get from my hotel to the convention center.

I will be in the same boat next year. This is my official announcement I will be at Anthrocon next year. So why not this year, a couple of reasons.

Well anyway I know from personal experience heading to a new con can be a bit overwhelming for some. I can’t tell you the number I have helped at MFF over the years. But strangely enough when I asked for info about Anthrocon. Except for the most basic information I have gotten almost nothing useful…. Until I checked out their site everything that you need to know. A Map of nearby restaurants, even a guide how far they are from the convention center.

On A Personal Note: I rather go to the actual restaurant rather than use an app. I don’t know how many of you know this but apps up the price of food. I know because I once worked at a restaurant and began checking all the apps. Some items were as much as $3 above menu listed prices. Contacting the restaurant directly is also a good option for delivery… but be sure you tip the driver. Despite what some say, they may not get a tip via online or app,


Did you know Anthrocon hired Shuttle Buses to and from various hotels. Running from 8AM to 3AM the following day. Check there site to see if your hotel is listed.

The one I was thinking about staying was in fact listed

All I can add is enjoy the con, just relax and have fun. The one thing I can say is you will never know what you might run into at a con. That can be pure fun.


Once a-Fawn a Time Now Available

Once upon a timeā€¦ in a fairy tale land, many erotic adventures were to be had in these tales as old as time, furry writers show off the fun times had in the land of fantasy and folklore, in ONCE A-FAWN A TIME edited by @Howl_folf and available now! HERE

Monsters Coming To FURDU

Checked for any monsters under the bed recently? Partnering with @FloofDoofAU , @FurDUcon
is bringing you the fright of your life… find out more soon…

Business Casual/ Liquid Courage by Meesh Now Available

At http://fenrispublishing.com/meesh, @Mushymeesh helps you find comics both casual & courageous! Vanessa is a bit nervous for her first day on the job, but soon settles into many different positions! And Chase has always had eyes for Taylor, time to test if “bottoms up” is just a toast!