FURUM (Malaysia) Registration

Even though FURUM takes place in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia pretty standard for most cons.

So for fun what is it in USD

RM70 = $16 RM 180 = $40 RM 400 = $90

The bad news is as of this posting they are sold out

Attack of the Killer : Now Available


If Stephen King has taught us anything over the past several decades, it’s that we shouldn’t trust anything in the world around us. Clowns, car, chattery teeth, disembodied fingers, St. Bernards, little girls, old people in their RVs, antique cameras, antique stores, and Kindles all have the potential for evil.

Featuring fourteen writers in this newest volume of our Howlers series, evil things can be found in all manner of everyday objects: you will be horrified by a couch that does more than swallow the sitter’s tushy; a saxophone that enchants and bewitches; and a fursuit, that most innocent and expensive symbol of a fandom, with a not-so-innocent backstory.

By book’s end, maybe you’ll think twice about that radio or photograph not being particularly threatening. You just never know when the next killer will be upon you!

Available Here