MFF 2022 Charity: The Street Dog Coalition

We would like to welcome The Street Dog Coalition as our official charity for Midwest FurFest 2022! Learn how they help pets of those experiencing homelessness and how you can donate to this year’s charity auctions:

A few MFF Board members mentioned this was a hard sell. But to me it is an easy choice, mainly because during my commute I see homeless with their pets, and whenever possible I give them some money. Why because I know unlike the other homeless I see I know they are going to use it for drugs or alcohol. They need it to survive as well as fee their pet, usually a dog. Who as a former pet’s buddy, I know they love them more than I ever loved Jake or any of the other dogs in my past. For the simple reason they need them to help them survive.

I really plan to as them for something I can hand out to these homeless with pets. More than just a handout.

Las Vegas Fur Con Will Be Mailing Badges

Las Vegas Fur Con from Day 1 will be mailing badges. Brand New Con right from the start, I am aware it is both overwhelming and impractical for the larger cons to do so. But for Las Vegas Fur Con to do this we THANK YOU